Hi there

My name is Wout and I was born in, you guessed it, the magical year 1985. I'm an all-round creative person.

I love sketching, (automotive) design, product development, motion graphics, video, movies and the ever changing online world. Cars, bikes, cycling, mountainbiking, snowboarding, good food, beer, wine, vacation, sun and any combination of the before.

My work

Over the years I've created a lot of stuff in a lot of different ways. Pencil and paper, marker sketches, digital painting, CAD software, most of Adobe' Creative Suite and even a screwdriver and hammer sometimes.

I gathered a couple of things below. Enjoy!

Portfolio website v1.0

A website for my very first portfolio created waaay back when Flash websites still weren't evil. (only 2 years ago actually) If you're feeling nostalgic you can still find it here.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4

Q-bic website

A website for the Conference and Business center Q-bic in Herentals. Complete with Drupal CMS. You can find them at www.q-bic.be.

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image 2
image 3
image 3


Belgian Fast50 website. Currently running on www.fast50.be.

image 1

Coming up soon: Kunstkring Gesigneerd.


A slew of sketches, freehands, digital and analog renders. This is what I love to do. No fuzz, just sketch!

EightyFive experiments

Lots of After Effects experiments with the EightyFive logo and Trapcode Particular.

Q-bic logo

CAD animation of the Q-bic logo in Rhino3D.

Internal communications

Videos for internal communications at Deloitte.

Q-bic corporate identiy

Including logo design, folders, flyers, column and car decals, general dtp like blocnotes, pens, envelopes, invoice paper, etc. Work in progress is the Digital Publication using Adobe DPS.

Deloitte Fiduciaire Dialoog Zomer 2012 Digital publication for iPad

Layout of the summer 2012 edition of Dialoog in Indesign with WoodWing tools. You can find the Deloitte Belgium Insights app in the App store.


Some stuff I picked up in school along the years. It would be a shame not include it here.


Want to have a look at my resume? You can download a pdf copy right here:

An English version

And a Dutch version